Publication of « SI in Morocco – 2020 » Report

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At Abdelkader Bensalah Foundation, we are convinced that the development of social innovation and the deployment of its principles cannot be done effectively and efficiently without the conjunction of actions of all the stakeholders in the local, regional and national ecosystems.

This ecosystem cannot play its important role of accompanying, supporting and incubating socially innovative initiatives if it is not itself trained and informed on the subject.

Respectful research work has been carried out by various social development actors in Morocco on the subject. And the Foundation also wanted to contribute with a study that represents the beginning of a series of educational publications on social innovation that will be made available to the ecosystem.

Through the study on the state of the art of social innovation in Morocco, which we carried out in collaboration with SOS Consulting Group, we wanted to offer stakeholders a global vision of the current development of social innovation in Morocco, by defining the concept and its principles and benefits and by demonstrating all the assets that the country and the ecosystem of stakeholders have to host innovative initiatives.

In order to open the reader’s horizons to other experiences and draw the best lessons, our study also analyses the experience of mature and emerging ecosystems that have successfully deployed the principles of social innovation to solve their social problems.

In the end, we wanted to make this study the starting point for collaborative dynamics for social innovation on different scales. To this end, we present 35 recommendations and 5 winning collaborations that we hope can accelerate the movement.