The project

The Nisae Tendrara (“Women of Tendrara”) cooperative is an initiative launched in 2015 by 29 mostly widowed and elderly women from the Tendrara region. Through a courageous project, the women of Tendrara have mobilised to create a cooperative to make traditional tents, characteristic of the nomadic culture of the region.  The initiative of women of Tendrara enhances the local heritage and contributes to its protection.

The Foundation's support

The Nisae Tendrara cooperative received financial support from Abdelkader Bensalah Foundation and benefited from the support of two other partners: Déclic agency, for communication and marketing, and Fikra Foundation, for the development of its organisation, its products and for access to markets through the digitalisation of the marketing process.

With this support, Nisae Tendrara is transforming itself into an independent cooperative, economically structured and capable of generating value in order to ensure the financial autonomy of its members and the influence of the traditional and atypical craftsmanship of tents and rattan products from the region.

Forte de ce soutien, Nissae Tendrara se transforme pour devenir une coopérative indépendante, économiquement structurée et capable de générer de la valeur afin d’assurer l’autonomie financière de ses adhérentes et le rayonnement de l’artisanat traditionnel et atypique de la tente et des produits en rotin de la région.

En savoir plus

The project holder

Located in the province of Figuig, Nisae Tendrara cooperative won the Abdelkader Bensalah Prize for Social Impact, during the 2019 National Fair for the Social and Solidarity Economy, organised in the city of Oujda. On this occasion, Nisae Tendrara, chaired by Fatna Hida, was ranked ahead of 700 other cooperatives to benefit from technical and financial support in order to develop.


We have inherited the skills of our mothers and grandmothers in making khaimah. Now we have the heavy responsibility of passing it on to our daughters and granddaughters with passion and determination
Fatna Hida, president of Nisae Tendrara cooperative