What is Dar-Libtikar?

Dar-Libtikar is a complete coaching program dedicated to the success of social innovators.


Dar-Libtikar provides social innovators with technical and/or financial support in a coaching pathway of up to twelve months, enabling them to expand their social impact.


We believe that all social innovations deserve access to the resources and support necessary to generate their social impact.

Program components

We accompany the different actors of “social innovation” in Morocco, by providing them with support adapted to their needs.

We work with social innovators, regional organizations and support structures. In addition, the Foundation also provides the financial and logistical resources necessary for them, to test and develop solutions that generate social impact.

Dar-Libtikar offers a 12-month training program, during which the project leaders are supervised by expert practitioners and enrich their network.

Social innovation training bootcamps : Our social innovation training bootcamps are a springboard to equip you with the latest methods in fundraising, crisis management, empathy, design thinking and critical thinking… Pre and post start-up training : Training content focused on acquisition of management and financial skills, that enable the success and sustainability of any economic structure with a social vocation.
This coaching focuses on developing the posture of the social innovator, of the manager of an organization, team leader and change management in the development sector.

You will have free access to all the events organized by Abdelkader Bensalah foundation in order to develop your partnership relationships and business opportunities.

Project leaders can be financially supported either to develop their prototypes or to accelerate the implementation of their projects.

Our pathway


Our classes are pre-selected on the basis of a file and then accompanied for a passage in front of a jury . Rejoignez-nous


You will continue to develop your business model in order to reach a level of growth, that proves that the model is effective in solving the identified social problem.


You will be coached to better understand your ecosystem, formulate your theory of change, test your solution and build your business model.


You will be coached to increase your impact by scaling up your project and developing your network of partners.


Project DAM is a new concept for our association, which has allowed us to diversify the channels of insertion and empowerment of single mothers through the distribution of professional kits, particularly with the involvement of new partners specialising in training and self-entrepreneurship, ANAPEC and CTPES.
INSAF team.
I am Siham Meftahi, the founder of the social project 'MAMIAM'. Our partnership with the Abdelkadar Bensalah Foundation was a radical change in the development of our project. It allowed us to concretise the project and take action. After more than a year, with the support and guidance of the Foundation, we managed to change the lives of more than 15 women, and open the first social culinary workshop in Morocco. I thank the foundation for the trust and support it has always given us.
Siham Meftahi
Abdelkader Bensalah Foundation is a strategic partner of the Tamkeen Initiative program. This collaboration has enriched and strengthened the program through the expansion of target regions, materials and content, but also through the creation of Tamkeen Initiative label for participating associations. Our collaboration was marked by the health crisis, which did not prevent the program from being deployed through digital platforms. Training for associations, teachers and high school students was maintained and reinforced across the regions. We are delighted to have contributed to the application of the Foundation's mission through our program.

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