MAMIAM: Launch of the second class!

MAMIAM is a socially innovative project launched by SAFE-EAT, a social catering company for companies and led by Siham MEFTAHI, a young committed social entrepreneur.

The story of this partnership began in 2019 when Abdelkader Bensalah Foundation launched a call for socially innovative projects with the aim of accelerating their development and enabling them to broaden their social impact for the benefit of the communities and territories they serve.

MAMIAM project presented by Siham MEFTAHI caught the attention of the competition jury thanks to its double impact, financial autonomy and empowerment of its women beneficiaries.

The idea of this initiative is to help women living in difficult financial situations to take charge of their financial situation by acquiring training and professional immersion in the food industry.

During the first phase of the project, 23 women took cooking classes, completed a work placement in the MAMIAM workshop and participated in various events where they provided catering services and shone both for the quality of the service provided and for their courage and desire to succeed despite all the challenges.

At the end of their course, these courageous women obtained their diplomas, some of them have entered the professional world of catering and others have been able to create their own projects.

Today, a second class will join the MAMIAM adventure to follow the same path of learning and the quest for personal and professional fulfilment.