Empowerment system for single mothers: Launch of the second class

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  • Empowerment system for single mothers: Launch of the second class

DAM is a project launched by Insaf association with a view to empowering groups of single mothers living in its reception center. The aim is to train these women in hairdressing, couture and cooking, so that they can support themselves and their children and live in dignity.

Wishing to contribute to this objective, Abdelkader Bensalah Foundation has taken charge of 80 women who will follow training courses in the above-mentioned professions, and will be accompanied in developing their knowledge of project management as well as improving their “soft skills”. At the end of their training course, these women will receive business kits with the materials they need to launch their individual professional activities.

This project reflects a real collaborative work of different actors of the ecosystem: Insaf, FABS, Anapec and the VSE center of Mohamed V Foundation have joined forces to achieve the goal of empowering these women.

The first fruit of this collaboration was the success of the first group of 20 women, now trained in the hairdressing profession, who created their self-entrepreneur status and started their professional activities.

A second group continued in the same vein and began their training and support in couture professions this time. A new glimmer of hope for these women, who are just waiting for a chance!